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INCINDIASNOVAS. The Jealous New Star. ❝Novy.❞
05 August 2013 @ 10:02 pm

Got any suggestions on how to improve? How's the gameplay going? Is Novy holding your attention or are his antics boring you? Too much? Too little? Inconsistent?

Let me know here! When playing an OC, Critique is the best thing you can get. ♥


♦ AIM: acidiclexis.
♦ Personal LJ: atreraiestus.
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INCINDIASNOVAS. The Jealous New Star. ❝Novy.❞
Augh, daaaaamn.

[ The sound of debris hitting the water and rustling fabric as Novy scales the edge of a building, trying to get away from the rising water. ]

Y'd think the whole fuckin' place'd smell like an expensive whore's pussy with all the roses, but nope. Smells like rot and death. Figures. ... Not that I ain't used to it.

[ He starts yelling at the water; ] YO, DYKE OFF. You already stole a pack'a my cigs. Any idea how disgusting wet tobacco is?
INCINDIASNOVAS. The Jealous New Star. ❝Novy.❞
What the shit? What kind of fucking backwater place is this?

[ There’s a series of grunts and the ruffling of heavy fabric, and it sounds like he’s straining with something. Finally he sighs with a thud as he sits down. ]

All right, regroup time. Escape, check. Obtaining clothes, check. Not gonna wear obnoxious orange forever. Cigs, check.

... Lack of cuffs? Not-check. Goddamn it. Would someone give me a fucking hand, or is everybody too busy with dicks in your mouths? Hey ... HEY!!